A Uniquely Balanced Path to

Optimal Fitness

Take your body to a place it's never been before.

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Whether you're part of a class or working one-on-one, you're teamed with an expert coach who understands your goals and your needs. Your expert coach will bring an energy, a focus, and a personalized plan to every workout, whether you need stability, strength, or power training.

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Welcome to Bodyssey. A new, intergrated approach to personal fitness that offers members a personalized, uniquely balanced path to optimal fitness. It's not another gym. It's not a wellness center. It's not like anything you've ever experienced before. 

14280 Walsingham Road
Largo, FL 33774
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Many people suffer from over-training and under-recovery because most fitness centers don't offer the integrated services we do. From stretching and dynamic taping to hot laser and ultrasound, we have a full range of techniques to help your body recover the way it needs to. 

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At Bodyssey, proper education and a shared sense of community are integral to everything we do. Our Juice Bar provides the perfect setting for networking and enjoying a healthy social environment with like-minded people.

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14280 Walsingham Road 

Largo, FL 33774

​​​Achieving optimal fitness isn't just a matter of physical exercise. It's also critical that you find an optimal balance of nutrition, hormones, and metabolism. Because where you're headed is a continuous journey of improvement and perfecting - of both balance and body.. 

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A uniquely balanced path to optimal fitness