>>> Red Zone 

14280 Walsingham Road

Largo, FL 33774

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>>> Total Core 

>>> Max Muscle  

This toning program utilizes dumbbells and other resistance tools to strengthen and tone the core.  Additional stabilizing techniques are also incorporated for the buns, thighs and abs.  

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>>> Kettle Bell  

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>>> Rock Steady Boxing 

>>> FITbod Boxing 

This strength and conditioning program is designed for high school athletes to improve their overall performance, strength, and agility. 

This high intensity interval training is designed to get you in shape as quickly and efficiently as possible. Push yourself for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat for multiple rounds. Red Zone aims to increase your aerobic capacity and aerobic endurance.

A uniquely balanced path to optimal fitness

This class gives you a variety of exercises to build strength, anaerobic endurance as well as the size of skeletal muscles. As you gain muscles, your body will burn more calories at rest. This program gives your body a break from excessive pounding, especially your joints, while still giving you a heart-pounding workout.

All about a balanced workout that is effective, intense, and challenging, this class is designed to build muscle, burn fat and challenge your routine. It gets your body working to the MAX! You can expect a circuit style class with few and short rest periods. HIITing Max aims to deliver a workout that can push your limits and change your body. 

These traditional Russian weights will challenge you with ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

>>> Low Impact Conditioning 

>>> Power Hour 

>>> HIITing MAX

14280 Walsingham Road 

Largo,FL 33774

This class combines circuit training and basic boxing techniques to improve muscular strength, endurance and power and boosts your metabolism. 

>>> Recovery Stretch   

Recovery Stretching is designed to promote and improve musculoskeletal health. Class will include various types of stretching and movement patterns to provide muscle balance, improved joint and tissue mobility as well as muscle lengthening. The goal of this class is to improve overall movement and to reduce pain and stress to the joints.

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This program is designed to fight back against Parkinson's disease. Through exercises that focus on hand-eye coordination, balance, rhythm, strength, agility, motor skills, and speed of movement, we strive to improve symptoms that lead to a better quality of life.  

This class is geared towards a member needing to improve various levels of strength and power. Our coaches will implement the most cutting edge techniques and training guidelines available today. This workout is suitable for participants of all stages as our coaches will appropriately adjust intensity to meet the needs of every member.

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